About Amberley

The warmest of welcomes for finding your way to Maternal Instincts; a breastfeeding support business I created to educate & inspire the modern mama.

Like any skill, breastfeeding takes practice and perseverance... and maybe the occasional donut binge on those days when there is a bump in the road!

I am a besotted mother of two, and in 2007 I began my gratifying career as a Midwife... 

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I have had the pleasure of working in many Melbourne based hospitals (both public and private) and have supported loads of wonderful women on their life changing path to motherhood. It wasn’t long into my career where my passion became apparent; I adored working with new mama’s; teaching them how to breastfeed their precious squishy babies.

So why did I start Maternal Instincts by Amberley? I absolutely believe the modern woman needs education, evidence-based information and unwavering support in order to shine at breastfeeding.

Stats show while 96% of Australian mama’s initiate breastfeeding, just 39% are still breastfeeding at three months of age. Can you believe that? My belief is that much of this decline is experienced in the crucial first six weeks, when mothers are in most need of professional support, but sadly do not receive it. It is my aspiration to be your trusted Midwife who you can call on to provide the time, vital guidance and unique knowledge specific to my craft that you need.

Breastfeeding is absolutely achievable with the right support.

While I have had beautiful experiences breastfeeding my own two babes, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. But the best part of this, is my personal insight into breastfeeding can compliment my professional work as well; which is a pretty special thing.

All women have the ability to successfully breastfeed and I have the privileged role of assisting new mothers to do just that.  If you want to learn the immensely rewarding art of breastfeeding, I would so love to work with you …

Come and check out how I can help you here, or reach out and contact me now.

Let me help you take your next step...

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