breast foot forward package maternal instincts

This is the Manolo Blahnik ‘ankle boot’ equivalent of my packages and includes unwavering lactation support during FOUR Breastfeeding Appointments (three in-person, one Digital Appointment over Phone or Video) during the first two weeks of motherhood.

This package is ideal for the modern mama who is determined to learn the FUNDAMENTALS in order to get her breastfeeding off to the best of starts.

The Breast Foot Forward package includes:

  • Full access to my 4-part breastfeeding education Video Series (valued at $99).
  • A 30-minute antenatal ‘meet + greet’ phone appointment when you are in your 37th week of pregnancy. This is your time to share all your hopes, fears and dreams regarding your up-and-coming breastfeeding experience. You will learn about antenatal expressing and shall receive my top breastfeeding tips to get you feeling extremely ENTHUSED about feeding your bebe!
  • Our fruitful in-person work together begins at your very first breastfeed after the birth of your baby, or a breastfeed within the first 24 hours of your precious baby’s life.* You will be immersed in inspiring breastfeeding education, best arming you to learn the CORRECT way to position and attach your baby at the breast. At this appointment you will also be taught how to hand express, a wonderfully helpful skill, should your baby be too sleepy to breastfeed while he/she is recovering after the birth.
  • The second breastfeeding appointment is when your baby is two days old, when your breasts will be continuing to make glorious antibody rich colostrum. Nipple tenderness may have started, so you will be bathed in pearls of wisdom to alleviate this common breastfeeding eventuality. On this day, together we will work on your attachment more closely, helping you to feel more CONFIDENT and INDEPENDENT.
  • On day three or four postpartum, we will meet for your third breastfeeding appointment when your amazing nutrient-packed breastmilk will have come in. Your breasts will likely be engorged, so you will be especially happy to learn several handy attachment tricks to deal with this. We will also cover breast pump education together at this appointment including how to safely store your phenomenal breastmilk.
  • The Digital Appointment (Phone or Video) can be scheduled at any point in the first six weeks postnatal or you can save it for another time in your breastfeeding journey (see Digital Appointments for common topics).
  • The Modern Mama’s ‘Survive + Thrive’ breastfeeding bag. This bag includes several of my fav tried and tested products to optimise your breastfeeding experience. Products include:
  • A jar of my signature Nipple Balm
  • A cylinder of Franjo’s Kitchen Choc Chip Tanker Toppers
  • A Haakaa Breast Pump with Flower Stopper
  • A box of Multi Mam Compresses
  • A pair of black and white patterned breast pads
  • Access to my wonderfully supportive private Facebook group. This group is darling and full of like-minded breastfeeding mama’s; consider them your virtual mothers group. Share your breastfeeding highs and lows, plus have every question under the sun answered by this great group of encouragers.
  • Ongoing support for the first two weeks of your breastfeeding.