Client Story: Celeste

Celeste had preeclampsia with her first baby (a baby boy) and her son spent some time in the Special Care Nursery.amberley harris client story

Celeste had a difficult breastfeeding experience and reluctantly weaned at four months postnatal. Celeste and Ben had their second baby, sweet Isla, in January 2018. Hoping for a different outcome with her second baby, Celeste booked two of my single appointments called “The Onesie”. Together we worked through Celeste’s nipple damage and vasospasm before things finally fell into place. Celeste sent me this lovely text message a few weeks after her appointments. “Thinking I might finally have breastfeeding under control and I have only you to thank for that! Thank you for providing wonderful support and advice at a time I was almost about to quit. I never realised how painful and difficult exclusive breastfeeding was going to be! I’m proud to have made it through the most challenging stage. Thanks again x”.

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