June 17


Crowdfunding Campaign coming soon!

By Amberley Harris

June 17, 2019

Hi darling friends,

I’m pretty elated to say in just two weeks I’m launching my crowdfunding campaign.

To give you insight into why I hope to create a Breastfeeding Documentary, here is a vid which wraps my aspiration and drive up in a bow.

My crowdfunding campaign will run from July 1st-28th and I am super lucky in that many incredible labels like @notsomumsy @haakaanz @madetomilk @shanghaisuzylipsticks @discoyoga @maxandmee @franjoskitchen @nurturedbirthmelbourne and @lennyroseactive are donating items for people to buy (these will be the perks) and this money will then go directing to the making of this documentary.

Other ways you can support the campaign are by buying tickets to the events I run during the campaign like this Movie Night which is for clients, followers, family and friends.

I deeply hope this project resonates with you so that together we can bring it to life for the betterment of future generations.

So much love

x Amberley

P.S Warmest of thanks to the mamas who allowed @ellen.talitha.photography to capture their daughters so they could feature in this video.

🎥 by @djnarelle

Amberley Harris

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