Are you currently breastfeeding? 

Here are three ways you can make your breastfeeding journey easier...

The 662movement Membership

When you have the right community, advice and support, you'll never feel alone...

Discover how countless breastfeeding mamas are bypassing the struggles and reaching their breastfeeding goals — even in times of uncertainty!

The 662movement Membership is an exclusive online community for breastfeeding mamas who want to ditch the struggles and overwhelm, and instead be prepared and supported for their entire breastfeeding journey.

The Maternal Instincts' Nipple Butter 

What’s the one thing you need when learning how to breastfeed? My Nipple Butter!

Nipple Butter for Breastfeeding by Maternal Instincts

Unlike any other product on the market, my Nipple Butter contains very specific herbs which may carry a therapeutic benefit. This signature product which is a collaboration with my sister, Holly Edgar, who is a naturopath.

86 five-star reviews should tell you something...

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