Client Story: Erin

Erin had a most challenging experience breastfeeding her first baby Stella and after significant nipple damage and rotating through three Lactation Consultants, she moved to full time expressing which she persisted with until Stella was seven months of age.

Erin longed for a more positive experience with her second baby and to be able to exclusively breastfeed, so she booked my package called “The Breast Foot Forward” in the third trimester of her pregnancy. Erin and James had their second baby, precious Lily, in November 2017. Erin had some of the most significant nipple damage I have seen but with timely feeding position changes and several of my fav products to boost wound healing, she persisted through and was able to successfully breastfeed. Erin sent me a lovely card in the mail which said “Lovely Amberley, I am so happy to have met you. I could not be more grateful for you for helping my breastfeeding dreams come true! It is such an honour to spend time in the company of a beautiful soul who is following her calling, rather than just doing a job. Not only are you a super star teacher but you have an instinctive way of fostering trust and self-belief, and not only are you teaching women to breastfeed, but you are encouraging positive mental health. I could not be happier to sing your praises to anyone who will listen! A million thankyous.”

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