What are your qualifications?

I am a Registered Midwife, an eligible Midwife, a Registered Nurse and I have completed my Midwifery Practice Review (valid from November 2016-2019). In order to maintain my registrations and work evidenced based I complete 50 hours of Continuing Professional Development annually.

What is an eligible Midwife?

An eligible Midwife has undertaken addition study in order to provide Medicare-funded care, may order tests or ultrasounds and can prescribe medications. Postnatal appointments (in the first six weeks after birth) attract a Medicare rebate.

How much money do I receive back from Medicare?

The amount of rebate you receive depends on your circumstances, including how much out of pocket costs you have paid for medical expenses in the year. The Medicare Schedule Fee is paid if your family has reached the Medicare safety net of $399.60. A Medicare benefit of 85% is paid to families who have not yet reached the Medicare safety net threshold.

Why would I employ you and not a Lactation Consultant?

Midwives are highly skilled and experienced at helping mothers and newborns learn how to breastfeed in the first six weeks. Lactation Consultants are brilliant at solving problems which arise in breastfeeding (Mastitis, blocked ducts, nipple thrush, etc). Studies indicate the majority of causes behind breastfeeding challenges arise from incorrect positioning and attachment. My goal is to teach you correct positioning and attachment at the start of your breastfeeding journey - all of which is in my Midwifery scope of practice - in the hope you wont encounter breastfeeding challenges. In addition, as an eligible Midwife I can provide Medicare rebates, yet unfortunately Lactation Consultants cannot. 

Breastfeeding plan appointment with Sarah (36 weeks pregnant).

Breastfeeding plan appointment with Sarah (36 weeks pregnant).

Do you work with Lactation Consultants?

 I adore Lactation Consultants and proudly work in collaboration with them when necessary.

Why can’t I just get help from the midwives in the hospital?

Postnatal wards are extremely busy places. Midwives each have four, sometimes five, mothers (all with babies) to care for. Supporting a new mother with a full breastfeed takes time and often midwives simply cannot allow enough time to each individual mother. As a private Breastfeeding Consultant, I am able to devote my energy to you and only you. I will support you through a full breastfeed, plus provide you with loads of helpful education to build your confidence and independence at attaching your baby to the breast.

What areas do you service?

Based in Melbourne, Victoria, I service the CBD and south-eastern suburbs. If you live outside this catchment area travel expenses may apply. Please contact me for more details. I will happily provide appointments while you are in hospital or at home.

What types of payments do you accept?

PayPal, all major credit cards, Bank Transfer or cash.

Servicing Melbourne's CBD + south-eastern suburbs