June 17


How to avoid the dreaded Mastitis

By Amberley Harris

June 17, 2018

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My daughter was eight weeks old when it happened. One minute I felt absolutely fine, the next I felt positively dreadful. The chills, the shakes, the sweats. My left boob (who was my overachiever) had a wedged of breast tissue which became red, lumpy and tender. Before long the blockages extended around the whole lower half of my breast and I was taken down, big time, by the dreaded Mastitis.

While many think the cure for Mastitis is antibiotics, it’s not quite that simple. Yes, antibiotics can help with the symptoms; although if you’re anything like me, you try to avoid them like the plague, but if you don’t remove the milk collected in the ducts, your Mastitis ain’t going nowhere gf. Many mothers in fact, can cure themselves of Mastitis by using the powerful trio; heat (shower, heat wheats, etc), massage and cold packs because it gets their supply flowing and helps combat the inflammation. For me during that particularly terrible Winter week in 2015, my Mastitis had escalated beyond the help of the powerful trio. I needed something more. In the end my cure was multifactorial, but without a doubt, my Physio was my saviour. Luckily for me my Physio specialised in women’s health and… SHE DID HOUSE CALLS! She brought a massager/vibration machine in tow which worked directly on my clogged milk ducts to break up the blockages. After a few appointments, over a few days I was finally (THANKFULLY) on the up and I honestly had her to thank for it. But what if your Physio doesn’t do house calls (because let’s face it, leaving the house when you are partially dying from Mastitis is so not an option) or maybe you don’t have the funds for several home visits or what if you don’t have a Physio to call on at all?

Insert LaVie Lactation Massager.

Lactation tool


Now this product is super clever.

And I promise I am not getting paid a cent to say that.

I have simply seen it work so well on my clients when dealing with either engorgement, blocked ducts or being on the verge of Mastitis. Plus, I personally know the value of a slick tool like this to encourage stubborn milk flow. So, while you won’t necessarily use it every day, there will be times you will use it and be extremely grateful for it’s invention. Furthermore, I’m all for handy products which are actually going to better equip mamas on their breastfeeding journeys and this is definitely one of them x

If you want to learn more about the LaVie simply go to https://laviemum.com.au/

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