Client Story: Jen

Jen and Cam had their first baby, darling Cameo, in December 2017.

amberley harris client story

Jen booked my package called “The Motivated Mama” and we worked closely together over the first six weeks, in order to establish her breastfeeding. Jen wrote me a beautiful message at the end of her package saying “Thank you so much for all of your knowledge and support. I have enjoyed every minute of it and both Cam and I agree it has been money well spent for everything we have gained from your time and services. I really think the way that you present yourself gives women like me real “#mumgoals” to see that you can still be a mum and be glam ? and you do it in such a way that it’s motivating and not threatening. You make breastfeeding cool and I’m so proud that I can do it! Your bedside manner put me at ease in hospital and you were like a breath of fresh air in there compared to the midwives/doctors that I dealt with during my stay. I’ll definitely be recommending you to friends and colleagues. Thanks again from all of us.

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