Maternal Instincts' Packages 

All Maternal Instincts' packages are packed with professional knowledge, helpful advice and uplifting encouragement every step of the way. You will feel nurtured, enthused and confident while you and your baby together learn the artistry of breastfeeding.

The 6 Month Milestone 

85% of Australian breastfeeding mamas will never make it to the coveted 6-month exclusive mark.

The 6 Month Milestone has been expertly designed for you, the forward thinking, committed mama-to-be who is determined to be in the 15% minority who will make it to 6 months exclusive breastfeeding — and beyond.

You’re already sold on the benefits of receiving tailored and supportive guidance in those critical 6 weeks after birth, but you’re not so naïve to think that it’s all downhill from there; you know there will be hurdles and challenges as you work towards that 6-month milestone and you don’t want to go it alone.

breastfeeding help

A lot can happen between 6 weeks and 6 months, but you’ll have me with you every step of the way.

Available in person and digitally.

The 6 Week Milestone 

The first six weeks are a critical time to develop and hone your breastfeeding skills

The 6 Week Milestone is for the savvy mama-to-be who is determined to breastfeed with ease and who appreciates the value of expert support in making a successful breastfeeding journey a reality.

Those first six weeks are a critical time to develop and hone the right skills, but rarely is it the right time to just ‘figure it out’ as you go. You don’t even want to just get ‘through it’ — your aim is to thrive.

Amberley Harris Maternal Instincts

Let me help you bypass the most common hurdles breastfeeding women face. Let’s get you to that game-changing 6 week milestone, so you can drastically increase your chances of confidently moving forward on your breastfeeding journey.

Available in person and digitally.

Breastfeeding Breakthrough Session

This offer is for package clients and 662movement members only.

Appointments focus on a specific concern, challenge or question that is pushing you to seek a resolution or if you’re seeking to breakthrough a current hurdle to confidently move forward on your breastfeeding journey.

Typically, some common challenges or concerns are: • planning for your breastfeeding journey • positioning and attachment • low supply • phasing out bottles/formula/nipple shields • teething and breastfeeding • introducing solids and breastfeeding • breastfeeding and conceiving/pregnancy/ tandem feeding • returning to work / expressing.

Amberley Harris Maternal Instincts Appointment

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