Amberley Harris Melbourne Breastfeeding Consultant
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Comprehensive lactation support during your 45-minute phone or video (Skype or Facetime) appointment.

This appointment is IMMENSELY beneficial at any point in the breastfeeding continuum.

If you are:

  • Pregnant and aspire to prepare yourself thoroughly for breastfeeding before bubba arrives;
  • At the beginning of your breastfeeding journey and frustrated with conflicting advice, while craving support from one trusted source;
  • Needing counsel on random topics (e.g. sudden supply drop, biting or breastfeeding through a new pregnancy); or
  • Geographically lacking access to a breastfeeding expert and longing for guidance;

Then you will find a digital phone or video consultation extremely valuable.

Have all your questions ready to go and prepare to feel moved from afar.

Phone or video appointments include:

  • A full summary of the KEY topics discussed during our consultation emailed to you following your appointment.