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Foraged For You


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A good quality multivitamin during preconception, pregnancy and breastfeeding is essential. The brands I prefer are practitioner dispensed only because the nutrient or herb level will be in a therapeutic range and due to their bioavailability; meaning they are reliable and effective supplements.


If you haven’t been able to get to a Naturopath however but you want to look into a supplement, this incredible blend curated by Nutritionist Sheridan Austin may be the best place to start.


A certified organic blend of carefully selected, real and fermented nutrient dense foods containing lactobacillus probiotics. The Mothers Blend has been developed specifically with pregnant and breastfeeding women in mind. It is however a nutrient powerhouse that can be incorporated into any individual’s diet, regardless of age or gender.


One bottle generally lasts 4-6 weeks.


Shelf life is currently 18+ months, however always refer to your bottles packaging.

Ingredients: Organic fermented blend (all organic and naturally fermented red lentils, camu camu, broccoli, chlorella, spinach, pepitas, beetroot, molasses), organic beetroot juice powder, freeze dried grass fed and free range beef liver powder, organic Atlantic kelp powder, sweetener (naturally occurring organic steviol glycoside within stevia leaf powder). 


Contains no gluten, dairy, synthetics, fillers, artificial colours, artificial sweeteners, flavours or preservatives. All natural, no GMO ingredients.


Mix 7.5g (1 1/2 teaspoons) into a small glass of water, juice, smoothie or sparkling probiotic beverage. Alternatively you can blend it through bliss balls, slices or anything you please! Keep it raw (do not heat), so the nutrients remain intact and the probiotics remain live.




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