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Nipple Butter by Maternal Instincts

(94 customer reviews)



What’s one thing you need when learning how to breastfeed?


This Nipple Butter.


Haha, well look, you may be in the minority who don’t experience any nipple pain or damage, but if you are not, you’re going to be so glad you bought this hero product because of how well it soothes and protects.


The nipple is this noteworthy part of our anatomy designed to stretch (3x its normal length in fact) when a baby breastfeeds and in the early days and weeks (but anytime throughout breastfeeding actually) they can become tender and sore.


Seeking experienced support from a Midwife or Lactation Consultant is essential here, to help you learn correct positioning and attachment PLUS choosing your nipple care product wisely. 
As a Registered Midwife I have seen a lot of nipple damage from breastfeeding which was made worse from unfavourable nursing creams, balms and compresses. I saw a gap in the market so I joined forces with my sister Holly Edgar (an experienced Naturopath). 



My Nipple Butter contains specific herbs which have been hand picked to feature in this signature product…

it’s free of chemicals (and Lanolin) ….

and…doesn’t contain essential oils or strong aromas (because these are a major no no for a newborn who relies immensely on their sense of smell when learning how to breastfeed).

Not only are your nipples going to loooveeee it, it also works like magic on:


  • nappy rash
  • dribble rash
  • dry skin
  • cradle cap
  • sunburn/windburn
  • chafing
  • cuts and grazes
  • cuticles
  • lips
  • as tattoo aftercare, and so much more…

Ingredients: Beeswax, Herb Infused Olive Oil with Australian Certified Organic; Calendula; Chickweed; Ladies Mantle & Marshmallow Root, Avocado Oil, Apricot Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter & Aloe Vera Extract.

All ingredients are safe for ingestion, so there is no need to wash this beautiful product off your nipples prior to breastfeeding.

Hand made in Australia, This is the only product in my store that can be shipped internationally.

Expires 12 months after opening.

Available in 30g or 100g

Check out our Nipple Butter stockists here.

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Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 2 cm

100g, 30g

94 reviews for Nipple Butter by Maternal Instincts

  1. Jasmine (verified owner)

    I’m so glad I came across Amberley while I was pregnant. I just wish I ordered this before I went to the hospital. On night 2 I was frantically ordering this with express delivery and when I started using it, it was AMAZING for healing my nipples. A year later I still use this for bubs rashes. I love that it’s natural. Buying another for myself and one for my pregnant sister! 🙂

  2. Steph (verified owner)

    1 year into our feeding journey and I still don’t know what I would do without this product. By far the best help in the first few weeks speeding up the healing process. I keep another tin for dribble rash, early days nappy rash and any little scratches. What ever I put it on is visibly so much better if not gone within 24 hours. Will be a staple product in our house for years to come with all its uses!

  3. Claire (verified owner)

    Love love love this nipple butter, anytime I have any issues at all, its healed within a couple of days after using this. Its also the best lip balm too 🙂

  4. Tayla (verified owner)

    I swear by this nipple butter. It’s not just great for nipple damage but for nappy rash, lip balm, scratches, everything!
    I carry a tin everywhere.
    Couldn’t recommend Amberley’s nipple butter highly enough.

  5. Jade Stilo (verified owner)

    Mumma’s, if you are needing nipple cream or should I say butter look no further. So pleased that I found Amberley’s nourishing, healing butter to not only heal my nips during the first few weeks of breastfeeding, but I actually use it morning and night on my nips.. and my (facial) lips for the last 11months. I’ve just bought a fresh 30g for our breastfeeding journey to continue.

  6. Sara Verity (verified owner)

    Nipple Butter aka ‘Magical Mum Awesomeness Goo in a Tin’
    This nipple butter is absolutely amazing, small amount goes a far way.
    Great for so much more than just nipple soreness, sensitivity and damage. Also great as a lip balm, for dry hands, eczema, nappy rash, insect bites, cuticle cream, or anything you’re iffy about, just pop some nipple butter on it.

    Hands down the best mum goo to have on hand EVER!!!

  7. Jayde Blackledge (verified owner)

    Amberley’s nipple butter is truly a healing miracle in a jar!
    It is an absolute saviour for damaged/sore nipples at any stage of breastfeeding (but especially those first six weeks!) as well as amazing for rashes/eczema and a great lip balm.
    We have a tin in our nappy bag for on the go and also one in our nappy caddy, we use it every night on our toddlers eczema flare ups and it soothes and heals it almost instantly.
    Cannot recommend this product to mummas more!

  8. Jess

    Amazing for just about everything! Helped heal my nipple damage in the early days of breastfeeding. Great lip balm, moisturiser for dry skin on bubs and myself. Highly recommend!

  9. Laura Bracken (verified owner)

    An absolutely excellent product. Helped heal damage nipples in the early days of breastfeeding and now it is kept on hand as a miracle butter for the entire family. It’s my go to lip balm – especially before bed so I wake up with hydrated soft lips!

  10. Liana (verified owner)

    This is the most gentle and soothing nipple butter available. Within hours of applying, I feel instant relief and healed as quickly as 24 hours with frequent use.

    It also doubles up as lip balm or use on baby’s skin for clearing rashes. I can only speak highly of the nipple butter.

  11. Tenille (verified owner)

    Amazing product, highly recommend. I used religiously from day one and any little grazes cleared up quickly. Still BF my babe after 18 months. This is the only nipple balm/product you need in your hospital bag & beyond – stop looking for anything else and buy this today.

  12. Jess (verified owner)

    Love the nipple butter!
    Such a versatile product. You can also use it as a lip balm, nappy rash cream, use it cuts and sores! What can’t it do?!
    It was great when bubs and I were first learning the art of breastfeeding and now it’s my selfcare after pumping.
    Highly recommended for all nursing mothers!

  13. Flor (verified owner)

    Two year after I used this with my daughter when she was born, I still use this for my lips and occasionally on my boobs again (teeth 🤦🏽‍♀️). The best investment ever!

  14. Eleni maroulis (verified owner)

    This is a must have for successful breastfeeding journey, honestly saved my nipples. Was convenient that I didn’t need to remove it before the feed as well.

  15. Fee (verified owner)

    You won’t understand how amazing this is until you use it! Used with my second baby, it has helped heal nipple damage, eczema, dribble rash, teething rash, lips, scraped skin & sunburn! It has helped save my feeding journey (11mths strong) & has become part of our everyday life in our home. I’ve gifted to for baby showers & they’ve come back to buy replacements!
    *tip for early days – keep it in your pocket! The butter will warm slightly making it easier to spread smoothly & mess free

  16. Kelly Gray (verified owner)

    I tried so many different nipple butters/ointments etc. Then I decided to buy some nipple butter by maternal instincts after nothing was helping. It was amazing, I WISH I brought it sooner! I’ve recently used it again after the ‘teeth’ moments & it cleared them up in 24 hours. I can’t recommend this product highly enough

  17. Netanya (verified owner)

    This is a nipple saver! I had horrific nipple damage and it was liquid gold magic to help heal them. Have also used on rashes, grazes, lips! It is now my number 1 gift for a new Mumma!

  18. Nicole (verified owner)

    Amberley’s nipple butter is magic! It saved me through some serious nipple damage, helping to heal quickly and sooth when they were so sore. Now that breastfeeding is established I use the nipple butter on my daughter for nappy rash and on any dry spots she develops or scratches she gets.. I apply after her bath and almost always that troubled area is back to normal by morning! MAGIC!!

  19. Scarlett (verified owner)

    This nipple butter is incredible!! All natural, and Australian made.
    Worked absolute wonders on my nipple damage, allowing me to really set up my breastfeeding journey successfully. Don’t know what I would have done without it!
    And absolute must have for all new mums, and something I will include in my baby shower presents for new mums to be.

  20. Danielle Henderson (verified owner)

    So healing for my nipples in the early days of breastfeeding! I swear this stuff prevented me from getting any serious nipple damage 🙌

  21. Laura (verified owner)

    If you buy one product for postpartum make it this one. Not only is it the only product I will use on myself and my baby, I now find my husband pinching it. We use it for everything and it’s the perfect gift for every new mumma!

  22. Breanna (verified owner)

    This stuff was a life saver in the fist couple of days into my breastfeeding journey. I used it all the time. It help sooth my sore nipples. Thanks so much Amber

  23. Laura (verified owner)

    Amazing product, it helped my nipples so much on my journey i honesty believe that breastfeeding would have ended much earlier for us without this product

  24. Natalie (verified owner)

    This naturopathic formulated nipple butter is amazing!! Not only can it be used for multiple purposes, it healed my areola damage from an incorrectly fitting breast pump within 2 days. Would recommend for every breastfeeding mamma!

  25. Celeste (verified owner)

    Best nipple butter ever! I even buy for expecting friends now . I had a lot of nipple damage and within the day was so much better . I even use as a lip balm .

  26. Lauren (verified owner)

    It’s the only product I have used on my nipples since having my baby (4 months ago) I haven’t had to use it just because when I use it it irradiates the problem very quickly. I have just recently started using it on my baby’s dribble rash as well and it’s working wonders. So glad I don’t have to use harsh products on her delicate skin. Very happy with the product 🙂

  27. Courtney (verified owner)

    This is amazing stuff! I thankfully haven’t needed to use it much on my nipples but we use it all the time for nappy rash, any cuts that need help healing etc. Even my husband told me to buy more! It’s a miracle cream, just wish I’d found it for my first bub!

  28. Reannan Richardson (verified owner)

    This is a literal wonder cream (and not just for your nips) uses this from day 1 breastfeeding my daughter and still use it 14 months on (thanks teething 😬😳).

    Have also used on nappy rash, windburn and sunburn and it has had much better results than anything! So grateful to have this in my first aid kit!

  29. Noula Giuliano (verified owner)

    Love love love my tin of nipple butter. It’s pure magic! Used it religiously when my baby arrived. Love that it was safe to use without having to wipe off before each feed. My four year old loves to use it as lip balm, as do I. He calls it boobie lips! I haven’t used it for a little while as we’ve established breastfeeding quite well but have recently found myself reaching for it again as my little one is teething. Even though he’s not biting, I feel a little more tender and this has been helping relieve and repair any grazing beautifully. A must have before baby arrives to pack in your hospital bag!

  30. Renee tait (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing, for my first i used the lansinoh lanolin as that was what all my friends/ family new but this yime round i did my research and found this amazing pruduct. Knowing how natural this product is made me so at ease with using it and not having to stress about cleaning it off before bubs come on to feed. I found it so moisturising and soothing i would find my self using it prior to there even being and nipple damage and i think thats a direct result as to why i didnt really suffer from it this time round. I also found my self using the product on my own lips when they were worse for wear and on bubs dry patches. Amazing product you wont be dissapointed 🙂

  31. Lauren (verified owner)

    The best nipple butter I’ve used by far but don’t stop there…perfect for skin that needs a little extra love and cuts healing time in half. Can’t recommend enough!

  32. Sarah (verified owner)

    The best product on the market. My only regret, wishing I’d discovered it sooner.

  33. Mel Cook (verified owner)

    Amazing product, definitely recommend it. Purchased it before bub arrived, after watching Amberleys breastfeeding videos. 13 months feeding and still going

  34. Kim (verified owner)

    This little tin of goodness has saved my nipples and my sanity in our early breastfeeding days. Not only that we use it on our little babes bum, our cracked lips and even some dry skin on my eyelids. Amazing product for mammas xx

  35. Molly Upstill (verified owner)

    I have three of these – both gifted at my baby shower and which I bought myself and I love them. I keep one on my bedside, another in my baby bag and a third in the bathroom and use for not just my poor nipples (RIP) but cracked lips, dry skin and even chaffe.

  36. Sophie (verified owner)

    Saved my breastfeeding journey! Worked fast and so soothing. I’m a NICU nurse and recommend it to mothers all the time!

  37. Hayley (verified owner)

    Amberley’s nipple butter is hands down the best product I purchased for myself postpartum.
    Any damage I did have in the early days were almost entirely healed by the next 2 hourly feed and it was all due to the use of this balm, also an incredible lip balm!

    This will be my top purchase for all my new Mamma friends it’s an absolute must have!

  38. Hayley M (verified owner)

    Pure magic. I was blessed in my journey to not really have the need for Amberleys nipple butter for its traditional use- but boy have I found other uses! Lip balm, nappy rash ointment, sunburn soother. I even use in place of Vaseline when tinting my brows and lashes 😂

  39. Meg (verified owner)

    Get the big tin! Has helped to heal some seriously painful nipple damage. We also use on bubs dry skin and as lip balm! Love!

  40. Harriet (verified owner)

    Amberley’s nipple butter is incredible. I use it every day and have never had any damage. I don’t know what I would do without it and have recommended it to all my Mumma friends.

  41. Rebecca Livori (verified owner)

    This saved my nips in the early days, made getting through nipple damage much faster and much easier. It’s great to not have to worry about any being left on my nipple at the next feed as well. I’ve used it on nipples, minor rashes on my daughter’s skin, dry lips, dry cuticles … Anything really! A tin is stashed everywhere!

  42. Cherie (verified owner)

    Buy the nipple butter for yourself and all your friends!! I received a tub in a birth pack I bought and after a week of religious use from birth with still no cracked nipples (like I was told I would get) I ordered several more tins so I have one in every feeding spot and will always include in my gift bags to friends!

  43. Jana (verified owner)

    Best nipple butter ever and I have tried a few!! Was feeding my tongue tied boy for a few months before it was corrected, as a result I constantly was having nipple damage. This helped so much to bring relief, soothe and repair cracks and sores. It also works well on my sons eczema. I always recommend this to new breastfeeding mummas

  44. Alyssa (verified owner)

    I love this nipple butter. It was so soothing, my son would bite during a breastfeed when he was teething, this helped so much. Also fantastic on dry lips, dry skin and eczema.

  45. Ana Carroll (verified owner)

    Really great product, highly recommend for any breastfeeding ladies. Hospital bag essential or great gift for mummas to be.

  46. Chloe Fredericksen (verified owner)

    Love this nipple butter! Even though I was lucky enough to only need it for a short time I now love to use it as a lip balm!

  47. Lizzie Scott (verified owner)

    I love Amberley’s passion to support breastfeeding mama’s and she’s nailed it with this nipple butter! I’m a third-time-round breastfeeding mama. My first two breastfeeding journeys were so hard, with gouges and cracks forming in the first few weeks and recurring throughout the months to follow. As I prepared to have our third baby a few months ago, I knew I needed to be intentional about caring for my nipples. Then I found Amberley and her nipple butter. After a few weeks I no longer needed to use it because my nipples were totally fine – despite my new bubba having a tongue tie. There was a definite difference between the effectiveness of this product and other nipple ointments/balms. It is instantly soothing, it smells beautiful and it just becomes a part of your daily skincare routine. It’s also such a great feeling to know that I’m not using any unhealthy ingredients or anything that could upset my baby’s tummy. I just ordered some for my sister-in-law who will have her first baby in a few weeks. I’m keen to share this brilliant stuff with every new mama I meet! A true game-changer and a life-saver.

  48. Jane Preston (verified owner)

    I wish I had this for my first baby’s breastfeeding journey!!! Was much more prepared second time and had it ready before he was born. I used it after every feed, my nipples were both completely scabbed and sore but only lasted a week and I think they healed as well as they did because of the nipple butter. I now use it as lip balm and on my son’s chin for his dribble rash. I gifted some to a friend too, will be my go to gift for any new mum! I actually like it so much I’ll probably keep buying it long after I’ve finished breastfeeding!

  49. Charlee (verified owner)

    I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through my first 6 weeks of breastfeeding without this magic. I didn’t apply it after a couple of feeds and started getting dry, cracked nipples. Popped it on again and all dryness gone straight away! LOVE this stuff and recommend to all preggy friends. Also love that it’s safe to leave on before next feed (especially for those midnight feeds).

  50. Talya (verified owner)

    Healing and nourishing cream not just for nipples but for grazes, scratches, nappy rash.

  51. Shauna (verified owner)

    Love love love. Best nipple butter and lip balm.

  52. Athina Dardon

    Literally saved my life!!! I had so much damage within from tandem feeding when my 2nd bubba was born and 24 hours after using Amberley’s nipple butter I already felt amazing and there was no more bleeding!

  53. Stephanie Reid (verified owner)

    Beautifully Australian made product with more than one use! All natural ingredients with no nasties. This stuff is a lifesaver!

  54. Ros (verified owner)

    This nipple butter is an absolute saviour in the early weeks of breastfeeding when even the best little latcher can leave your nips feeling pretty tender! It has quickly settled any irritation or discomfort I’ve been feeling, and it’s a major bonus that it doesn’t have to be wiped off before you put bub back to the breast. Other nipple care products I purchased have been pushed aside and replaced by this one little tin. Highly recommend!

  55. Natalie Reeves (verified owner)

    WOW!!! This nipple butter is gold Amberley! Thank you for bring this product to all the women and mothers out there!!

    I do not have to use it on my nipples as much anymore as I have been breast-feeding now for 17+months, however I did use it when I was feeding a newborn and my nipples were getting uses too all that attention and were dry, sore and cracked! Now I use it for everything! My little girls nappy rash and scratches, heals so fast! I keep a tin in the bathroom and use around my eyes, lip balm, cuticle balm and I have put it all over my face and gone to bed for a hydration boost, smells amazing and feels amazing when massaged into the skin! I have sensitive skin and its perfect! Wish I could bathe in it!

    You will not be disappointed and you will find so many uses for this butter!!!

    Thank you Amberley

  56. Claire Silvester (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful product, smells so healthy and soothes sore nipples. Also great on cracked lips! So many lovely ingredients with no chemicals, it’s an inspired product!

  57. Charli (verified owner)

    Bought for my friend who had really sore nipples with her first baby and thanks to her amazing feedback, I’ll be buying some for myself very soon because after a very long fertility journey; I’m finally pregnant and it’s twins!

  58. Stacey Harley (verified owner)

    It’s the BEST!!! It’s my go to gift to all new mums.
    I used it through the early weeks of establishing breastfeeding and still now when my baby goes through periods of constant feeding.
    It is also the only ointment that has worked on my child’s eczema!!
    It’s a whole body butter in our house!!

  59. Prue (verified owner)

    The saving grace to your sore nipples. Must have for new Mums in those early days of your breastfeeding journey and saved the day again, or should I say nipples, when my sons teeth came through and he started biting my nipples. An amazing soothing product that truly is all that it says it is.

  60. Meagan (verified owner)

    My breast feeding journey hasn’t been an easy one but this product has definitely helped my sore nipples to survive. Feels very soothing and I love that it’s safe for bub.

  61. Ashleigh Tanner (verified owner)

    I can honestly say this nipple butter was the turning point in feeding my second child and I wish I new about it with my first. we are still feeding 13 months on now and we use the nipple butter almost every day for one thing or another.


    it goes on every thing in our house and always works so well.
    I would highly recommend this for any mumma or mumma to be and it is always a gift I give to new mumma’s as it will always get used.

  62. Katherine (verified owner)

    This butter was amazing in helping to heal my sore and cracked nipples as I got used to the first few weeks of breastfeeding. I now use it after most feeds – and it feels and smells great and a bonus is that it’s a natural product safe for baby! Will keep using it as long as it lasts – I bought the 100g which should last me ages!

  63. Sarah Lafrance (verified owner)

    A friend gifted me a large tub of this nipple butter in 2019 when I had my 3rd baby! It was so much better than the lanolin based balms I used with my first 2 children. I have purchased a tin to use with my 4th bub arriving in a few weeks and I can’t wait to start breastfeeding again with this by my side!

  64. Kyla (verified owner)

    For the love of nips get yourself this balm 🙌🏽
    I used this from when my babe was a newborn in those vital first few weeks of establishing breastfeeding until I developed nips of steel 🤣
    It made wearing tops comfortable 😂
    I still use it 9 months on for the occasional bite my little cherub gives me (ahh the joys of breastfeeding a baby with teeth 😆) or I use it as lip balm or nappy balm too!
    Seriously it has been great and has made continuing breastfeeding so much easier. Love that it’s natural and I don’t have to worry about washing it off too!

  65. Gabrielle

    Wish I had this nipple balm with my first breastfeeding experience as my nipples hurt for 8 weeks before everything clicked for us and came good. This time around I only had tenderness for the first week and the nipple balm was so soothing and I could feel it getting better between each feed. It’s amazing when in the craziness of cluster feeding. I’ve used other products and nothing compares.

  66. Kate Loudon (verified owner)

    The best thing about this balm is that is has a smooth texture which massages in really well, leaving no marks on fabrics. (This is in stark contrast to lanolin products which are sticky and left oil stains on my clothes which I couldn’t remove).

    Perfect for massaging any engorgement lumps as well as keeping nipples protected. Smells great too. My favourite nipple balm.

  67. Amanda Lemon (verified owner)

    This is the Bees Knees! Used it from when babe was born as I have pink nipples and was so worried about cracking. I love that I didn’t have to wipe off. I have not had one issue and now babe has 6 teeth am still using it (9mo). Also a fab lip balm and I put it on my dry knees and elbows too. Thankyou for creating a beautiful product!

  68. NG (verified owner)

    I love the smell, texture, and ease of putting this product on. I use it for my lips too. And give it for presents to new mums. I wish it were a bit softer though to apply, its quite hard and you need to soften it to get a good amount on.

  69. Josephine (verified owner)

    Two years of breastfeeding the constant sucking and the beginning of biting, saved me from quitting before 12 months, I know if I didn’t find Amberleys 662 movement & her therapeutic nipple butter I would not have made it this far.

  70. Lauren Dobie (verified owner)

    Third breastfeeding journey and my usual experience is the 6 – 8 weeks of nipple damage, pain and bracing when attaching. This time I am overjoyed to instead recommend this nipple butter as the best and easiest product I have ever used! The acceleration of healing blew my mind!

  71. Nikki Ryde (verified owner)

    Lifesaving product!
    I purchased this when pregnant and so grateful to have it right from the beginning of our breastfeeding journey, especially during the early cluster feeding stage!
    So soothing and it’s comforting to know that it’s safe for bubs so no washing it off before feeding. I also get ecxema on my nipples so without this I’m not sure I would even be able to breastfeed.
    I have been breastfeeding my little one for 5 months now and I have just purchased more nipple butter to help keep us going.
    Thank you Amberley for creating such a wonderful product to help so many Mamas!

  72. Kate Lowden (verified owner)

    This nibble butter is actually amazing!!!! 😍… I was so sceptical because there is so many types out there but I caved and man am I glad I did!! You’ve made an amazing product Amberly and I thank you for that! 😘😘

  73. Laura (verified owner)

    This nipple cream is amazing!!! Has saved my first time mum nipples 😆 and even cure a bad nappy rash in a couple of days! It really works like magic!

  74. Emily

    Hi Amberley,
    I just wanted to reach out and tell you how amazing your nipple butter is. I mean as if you don’t already know this 😅

    My son was developing a nasty, scabby rash behind his ear and I was about a day away from taking him to the doctor when I suddenly thought to try your nipple cream. It’s literally healed in front of our eyes! You’re magical, thank you!! ✨💕

  75. Lisa (verified owner)

    As a first time mom, I was so nervous about breastfeeding. Your product has eased so much discomfort. No split or cracked nipples. Thank you!!

  76. Bob Cranley

    Hi Amberley! Although I am not a breastfeeding mother I recently became aware of your nipple butter and as I have just had a large tattoo done I thought I would try it during the healing process. I have a few tattoos and so have used various creams and balms but have never experienced the immediate results that your nipple butter has produced! It’s incredible… it feels better than the rest of my skin and the tattoo is not even fully healed! Well done on creating such an amazing product. Bob Cranley

  77. Katherine (verified owner)

    I wanted to say a big thank you to you (& your sister) for the amazing nipple butter you created. I have a 2 week old baby (who resembles a gremlin when she’s hungry) & your nipple butter has been incredible for me as a first time Mum who really wanted to breastfeed. A midwife at hospital suggested I leave some nipple butter on my breast pads to keep them moist & it has been a lifesaver! I’m now happily feeding a very little chunky chicken.

  78. Vanessa (verified owner)

    Hi Amberley. I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for your amazing nipple butter. I have 3 jars and they are an absolute life saver!!
    I had my baby on 3rd of Jan and started my BF journey following an emergency c section. My milk came in on day 2 and came on hard! I developed a blood blister shortly afterwards, and can I just say, the butter literally healed it in 24 hours!!! I use it religiously between each feed (as well as a lip balm!). Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  79. Ali (verified owner)

    As someone who had a bub in special care with low bloody sugars (she was a month early… and I had a cesarean), my bubba started on formula and then my expressed colostrum and then milk – a month down the track we’ve just started offering breast feeding every feed (rather than alternating)… end topping up with either ebm or formula. She’s doing amazingly!

    I had ordered your nipple butter before birth thankfully and had it ready to go and have been using it since day one in the hospital and have not had any damage to my nipples – and after A LOT of expressing I wanted to say thank you so much for creating an amazing product!

    Plus I use leftover on my lips – they’ve never been softer!

  80. Sarah (verified owner)

    The nipple butter was an absolute lifesaver for me so I’m now buying it again as a baby shower gift.

  81. Tania (verified owner)

    Woohooo your phenomenal nipple butter keeps on delivering!! Mild sunburn on little babes arms and your butter has reduced the redness!! No longer breastfeeding but constantly carrying this gem around with me for anything and everything!! 💗✨

  82. Janelle (verified owner)

    I’m pregnant with my second and my nipples became so sensitive that feeding my toddler was excruciating. More pain than I ever felt when first starting feeding. I just sat there and cried every feed for weeks. Then your nipple butter arrived and within 1 day they were a lot better, and withing 3 days I am pain free. This stuff is magic. Honestly thank you. I was so scared I would be forced to wean earlier than I wanted to.

  83. Beth Ryan

    Your nipple butter has been a godsend yet again. Teething got me good, I had grazes on both sides and was having to deep breathe through every feed. 2 days of your butter, completely resolved.

  84. Neetha

    Your nipple butter did wonders for me.
    I had developed thrush on my left nipple right after delivery when my breastfeeding journey started. Even after it was gone my nipple was very sensitive and painful. I was always stressed about breastfeeding….wasn’t happy while feeding…then later when I came across this healing butter I wanted to give it a try. That was the best decision I made for my breastfeeding journey….nipple butter gave me a painless stress-free feeding time with my little one.

  85. Holly (verified owner)

    I love your nipple butter! 3 months post partum now and it got me through the early days of breastfeeding with sore nipples. I don’t think I’d still be breastfeeding without it! Thank you ♥️

  86. Sinead Gray (verified owner)

    I bought your nipple balm prior to having my little girl 4 weeks ago, and so so glad I did! I religiously used it after each feed, and although had a bit of initial nipple pain with latching, did not have any cracks or anything, and purely think it was because of your nipple balm. So thank you!!

  87. Georgina O’Rourke (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the nipple balm on my 2 year old sons nostrils. They are sore and cracked from excessive wiping with his flu. Love that I don’t need to worry if he licks/rubs it. It has worked a treat!!!

  88. Tatjana Dale

    Honestly the best stuff I’ve ever used! One Doctor thought I had thrush, another thought it was eczema but I used this nipple butter and my nipples are perfect now! I wish I had of found this balm sooner!

  89. Sade (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the nipple butter on my 4 month old’s self inflicted scratches that he does to his face and it is so, so good! We usually apply it at night after his shower and the red scratches are almost gone by the morning! Also been using it on my dry winter skin – lifesaver!

  90. Courtney (verified owner)

    I am pregnant and just got terrible nipple thrush and used your nipple butter and some qiara probitoics and it’s all cleared. Thank you! X

  91. Beth (verified owner)

    🥰 Your nipple butter is amazing! The 3rd and 4th nights at home with my newborn trying to get the hang of breastfeeding, I was dying, super sore but it helped so much.
    I’m so glad I got it before baby came along.

  92. Hannah (verified owner)

    I bought this nipple butter while I was pregnant, and now my beautiful boy is 2 weeks old, and I’m so grateful for this product! Ive mostly been using it on my super chapped lips!
    I very much recommend this product -it’s so soothing on both nips and lips! 🙌🏻

  93. Eileen (verified owner)

    Literally magic! Amazing as a nipple butter but I have repurchased so many times (as gifts and for myself) to use for nappy rash, eczema, mosquito bites and healing a nasty cut on my toddler forehead. He had an accident at daycare and the cut was so deep that I was worried it needed stitches (thankfully it didn’t), I used the nipple butter for a few days until it healed over and it then fully healed within 2-3 weeks. I can’t rave about this product enough.

  94. Sinead (verified owner)

    Using this nipple balm again for my second baby. She had a shallow latch and I had a small crack on one nipple. I used the balm and within 24 hours it had healed up. It’s so soothing and moisturising too. Thankful to have found such a good product

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