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Qiara Probiotic


There are many probiotics on the market for breastfeeding mums but Qiara is the one I recommend because it’s seriously amazing and works wonders!
Other probiotic brands will boost a breastfeeding mothers healthy gut flora, but not necessarily benefit her baby. Qiara however goes to both you and your baby. It is more expensive than other probiotics, but this is because of the way it colonised with the good bacteria in your milk ducts and passes this mircoflora, along with the probiotic, through to your baby to help restore balance. 
I recommend doing a course of probiotics if: you have antibiotics in pregnancy, labour or postnatally; you birth your bebe by Caesarean; experience blocked ducts, Mastitis or Thrush; or if your darling bubba is troubled by wind or digestive upsets.
28 Sachets.
BONUS: Receive my Fact Sheet on how to take Qiara to maximise the effects when you place your order.

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