woman standing up breastfeeding
The Kick Starter Maternal Instincts

This is the Manolo Blahnik ‘mid-heel mule’ equivalent of my appointments and includes unwavering lactation support over TWO Breastfeeding Appointments (one in-person, one Digital Appointment over Phone or Video).

These appointments (a primary appointment then a follow up appointment) are ideal for the modern mama at any stage of her breastfeeding.

The Kick Starter includes:

  • Comprehensive lactation support during your TWO Breastfeeding Appointments;
  • Instrumental recommendations (specific products or feeding position changes) if needed;
  • Education on any of these relevant topics: positioning and attachment, managing engorgement, hand expressing, breast pump education, breastmilk storage, breast and nipple care or any specific breastfeeding topic you are seeking support with.
  • A full Breastfeeding Plan tailored to YOU and emailed through following your first (in-person) appointment;
  • A full Summary of the KEY topics discussed during your Digital Appointment emailed to you.